Seven News Townsville

The arrival of the delegation to Lavarack Barracks was filmed, including Mau-Nana's inspection of the guard. Veterans Liaison Officer, Ms. Ines Almeida, was interviewed about the purpose of the visit. The piece was broadcast as a part of the Townsville news bulletin on the 21st of April 2017.

ABC Radio North Queensland

Veterans Liaison Officer, Ms. Ines Almeida, gave a live interview on the ABC Radio North Queensland's breakfast program. The interview was via phone and Ms. Almeida, in Brisbane, was speaking to presenter  Michael Clarke on the morning of the delegations departure for Townsville, the 21st of April 2017.

ABC Radio 666 Canberra

On the 24th of April, ABC Radio Canberra's Genevieve Jacobs interviewed Veterans Liaison Officer, Ms. Ines Almeida via phone from Brisbane and Mr Sebastian Soares "Mau Kuri” and Mr Alfredo Daniel Sarmento in the studio in Canberra. The interview in her Mornings program gave good background to the visit and included Mau Kuri speaking in tetum about his experience as a guerrilla fighter with Mr. Sarmento translating.

ABC News

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Yass Tribune

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Huffington Post

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The Catholic Leader

Timorese Guerrilla Fighter Joins Students and Veterans at Brisbane ANZAC Day Commemoration LINK

Former ABC Correspondent for Indonesia, Mark Bowling, has maintained an interest in East Timor for decades and wrote this detailed piece about the visit and the relationship between the veterans of the two countries. He photographed the veterans at a Schools Commemoration Service in Brisbane on the 24th of April.